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The first personal performance innovation lab

What is the TIGNUM Box
TIGNUM Box is a unique space where executives can get off the speeding train that is their day-to-day life for three days.

During the three days, they will be remotely guided by our world-class Sustainable High Impact Specialists through fully tailored phases. Each day has a key theme, such as:

  • Unload: setting down their physical, cognitive, and emotional baggage
  • Reset: realigning the autonomic nervous system to be ready to use stress as an advantage
  • Refocus: aligning their personal self-image and Sustainable High Performance strategies with their forward looking challenges
Focus on your overall performance
The TIGNUM Box is
for you if you are:

Preparing yourself for a significant business challenge (first 100 days in a new role, corporate transition, M&A, investor roadshow, heavy load ahead, etc.) in the near future

Closing a huge business challenge and preparing yourself for the next big project

Wanting to deepen your understanding of Sustainable High Performance and Impact

Intending to innovate your impact on yourself and others

Looking for a special, secure, and supported space to reflect, learn, explore, and re-energize yourself

Where is the

The TIGNUM Box is located in a tranquil area at the foot of a natural reserve in Canyamel (northeast coast of Mallorca, Spain). It overlooks the ocean, and the view of the horizon is endless.

The location, the view, and the cozy interior creates the perfect spot to think, reflect, and re-power yourself - alone or as a couple.

To find out more about
how this performance and impact innovation
could be ideal for you