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There never was such a thing as business as usual. Nobody has ever known for sure what’s coming next. But we know this: you can choose how you show up, how you think, how you perform, and how you multiply energy.

Our Mission

Human performance is incredibly complex. There are countless variables at play and it's easy to feel out of control, overwhelmed, fatigued, scattered, and brain fogged. At TIGNUM, our understanding of the business professional’s body and brain is unique, as are the methods we’ve developed over the last 15 years. We upgrade the human performance of business leaders and their teams so they create more value at work and at home.

What we do

We teach and coach tactical, tangible, and pragmatic solutions to build each team member's performance habits on three levels:

our approach

Our work doesn’t fit into any standard box - there is no familiar label for what we do. When we started, we coined the term Sustainable High Performance, which was then adopted by many companies. To make our approach more tangible, we clustered business professionals into these three groups. Which group are you in? What about your team members? And where do you want to be?


  • Overwhelmed
  • Struggling
  • Worn-out
  • Fixed mindset
  • Unwilling to go the extra mile


  • Comfortably numb


  • Mentally agile
  • Performance resilient
  • Adaptable
  • Self-observant
  • Energy multiplier
  • Excited to push for vision

Low impact professional Weak performance habits

High impact professional Great performance habits

Our solutions

Complex but not complicated

Whatever digital transformation you’re planning, whatever project you’re implementing, whatever product you’re bringing to market, the work will be done by humans. And if you’re serious about Sustainable High Performance, let’s be honest: this is not a lunch-and-learn topic. It's not about trendy topics. There are no quick fixes. There is no one-size-fits-all solution.

What we offer is a personal operating model combined with cutting-edge tools and strategies that are easily applicable. We've worked with thousands of highly talented leaders and their teams around the globe, and put all of our proprietary insights and decades of data, tools, and strategies into a digital platform called TIGNUM X. This is the nucleus of all our tailored solutions.


Our solutions range from purely digital to high-touch and can be broken down into three tiers: Essential, Accelerated, and Complete. Each tier includes access to our comprehensive digital platform, TIGNUM X, and can then be further enhanced to meet the unique needs of your team with the right combination of custom workshops, expert coaching sessions, data analytics, and a personal performance lab.

We can deliver workshops in a variety of formats:

_high-touch and fully embedded in the team to support them on their mission

_foundational onboarding workshops and topic-specific deep dives

_fully virtual from our studio

Our expert coaching focuses on the personalization and implementation of each client’s performance plan, using TIGNUM tools and strategies that are tailored to the specific goals and challenges of each individual.

Learn more about our solutions

Essential For Company-Wide Teams

  • Full Organization
  • Country Teams

Accelerated For Functional Teams

  • Business Units
  • LD Teams

Complete For Strategic Teams

  • ExCom Teams
  • Leadership Teams
  • M&A Teams
  • IPO Teams
  • Transformation Teams
  • Launch Teams

Sneak peak

95% of human behavior is unconscious and automatic. Our habits determine the readiness of our body systems and our readiness to deal with constantly shifting challenges. But real performance readiness can only occur through the integration of Mindset, Nutrition, Movement, and Recovery. They overlap, intertwine, and build on one another.

Here's a sneak peak at two of our 55+ tools and strategies.


Here are some examples of low impact thoughts created when a trigger overwhelms you, and how you can shift to a high impact, solution-oriented mindset.

The Mindset Shifter is an advanced reframe tool designed to help you shift from an emotionally-driven, low impact, reactive mindset to a best-self driven, proactive, high impact mindset. When you encounter a mindset killer or trigger, it immediately creates an emotional response. If left unchecked, this emotional response creates a barrage of low impact self-talk.

What if you could bring a clear image of your best self and arm it with all of the skills and qualities you developed for your performance mindset to deal with this trigger? You would still have an initial emotional response, but you would quickly shift into an entirely different and much more impactful mindset. You’ll find the complete tool in TIGNUM X. Get ready to create your own plan to shift your mindset and your team’s mindset in any situation.

Please note that the full Mindset Shifter tool is not available for preview.

AI POWERED ToBeVision Generator

Although human beings are not capable of outperforming their self-image, very few take the time to design it. Designing a self-image of you at your best, at work and at home, which we call your ToBeVision, builds the neural pathways needed to align your choices and behaviors to become this vision. If you don’t design it, your self-image falls subject to the circumstances and environment you live and work in, the mindset killers that surround you, and how others define you. Only when you have a clear vision of you at your best can your brain support you. Your ToBeVision drives everything you do.

We combined what we've learned from over 10.000 coaching hours and more than 3,000 of our clients' best ToBeVisions to create an AI algorithm that quickly creates a personalized and powerful ToBeVision. This sneak peek is just a taste of what the fully-developed ToBeVision Generator in TIGNUM X has to offer.

If you were to describe yourself at your best at work, which of these qualities would best describe you? Be bold but also dream a little and stretch yourself.

Benefits for each team member

  1. Increased
    impact readiness
    We prepare you in a strategic and individualized way so you can make the greatest impact at your key events.
  2. Strengthened
    We help you be more adaptive to the environments and teams you work with so you can be more successful.
  3. Improved
    mental agility
    We help you improve your brain performance so you can create new and innovative solutions even under high stress.
  4. Developed capacity
    for self-observation and energy multiplication
    We help you purposefully multiply the energy of those you lead, follow, collaborate with, and love.
  5. Enhanced
    performance resilience
    We help you stand strong in chaos and quickly move forward toward new opportunities and solutions.
  6. Increased productivity
    and executional stamina
    We help you work smarter, make a bigger impact, and be stronger from the start to end of complex projects.

Partner with us

Every client is unique, yet each one depends on high performance for their success. Here are some common reasons clients have called on us to upgrade their teams and organization:

Our clients

Our clients are dedicated, intelligent, and high-achieving professionals from all sectors of business, all types of companies, and all walks of life.

While they are often discerning and occasionally skeptical, they are also open to achieving their full potential so that they can Rule Their Impact.

Our clients include:

We have been involved in many Leadership Development projects from leading business schools around the world. Some of the business schools we have collaborated with are... Stanford, Harvard, Wharton, Duke London School of Business, IMD, Case Western Thunderbird School of Global Management.
Value created
Impact case study


Impact case study


96% of commitments promised by the GDO team to the Novartis Executive Committee were delivered on or before their actual deadline


This Global Drug Operations (GDO) team was responsible for re-innovating the drug development process, optimizing resources, and getting the best treatments to the patient promptly, while simultaneously ensuring solid delivery on the 600+ ongoing trials. In addition, the team members were spread across various groups within the larger Global Drug Development umbrella, resulting in them operating autonomously.


TIGNUM customized a solution design to help the GDO leadership team become a cohesive group of Sustainable High Performers. TIGNUM aligned the team around a shared ToBeVision, supported them with applicable tools and strategies during critical milestones, and focused on developing a team Performance Mindset.


Immersive multi-day workshop, individual and team coaching, quarterly team virtual sessions, and access to our digital performance platform.

  • 96% of commitments promised by the GDO team to the Novartis Executive Committee were delivered on or before their actual deadline
  • 100 months of work Novartis was able to save after the TIGNUM transformation
  • 76 major GDP programs were delivered with significant time savings

For more about our case studies


New science, new thinking, new performance strategies

To be at the forefront of human performance and Sustainable High Impact, we created the TIGNUM Lab. This is where we bring in new science, try new strategies, challenge our own thinking, and look at what the future could bring.

Within our TIGNUM Lab sits our Science Innovation Board. This allows us to collaborate with some of the world’s foremost performance experts in neuroscience, sleep science, brain and gut nutrition, performance medicine, performance psychology, exercise physiology, jet lag, and more. These members are carefully selected for their unique expertise and drive to integrate with other human performance experts. Each member shares TIGNUM’s mission to create impact in the world with the most advanced human performance techniques, technology, and insights.

To complement our scientific experts and make sure our solutions are optimal, we also draw on guidance from innovation experts, data analysts, and communication experts. We passionately listen to what our clients have to say. We value our clients' feedback and suggestions, and this allows us to develop even better solutions.

The members of the TIGNUM Lab

Tignum Thoughts